Thank you so much for checking out our store!

We're Kal and Angie Wiggins, from Portland, OR. We started this store as a creative outlet to create and sell cute things. Some of our items are made by us, and some are made by other makers we love to promote and support.

We'll share more along the way, but one of our passions is adoption, as we adopted our son last year. 

We want to use our Enamel Animals brand to help others adopt too. We can tell you first hand how difficult, long, expensive, and totally worth it it is.

We had a lot of people help us get to the finish line and we plan to 2 things to help others adopt as well.

  1. We will offer a pin soon that will raise money for an adoption grant that we will give out.
  2. We are working to create the ability for other fundraising future parents to offer an enamel animals fundraiser, to raise funds for their own adoption.

Again we're so happy you're here, and please join our newsletter to hear more as we release new products, and push to help others with adoption.

Thank you so much!
Kal & Angie