Black Owl Enamel Pin

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Energised and ready to own the night, Nigel swooped through the door into another adventure.

As he slipped through the shadows, he felt alive.

“I’m BATMAN!” he growled to himself.

“Oh really?” Nigel swung around to see the owner of the disbelieving voice.

“Oh” he said to the large bat he hadn’t seen hanging out there just before. “Hey Percival.”

Percival was to Batman what lint was to belly buttons. No one ever sees where it comes from, it just shows up and lurks, unhelpfully.

Nigel knew things about the night that no bat could ever hope to discover. Incredible things, like which shops would still have toilet paper at 11:30pm, where you could get gelato at midnight, and where the best Friday night kebabs could be found.

With knowledge like that, Nigel was the king of the night and EVERYONE knew it.

Well… everyone except Percival but… do you see HIM on this page?