Narwhal Octopus Ice Cream (blue glitter) Enamel Pin

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“I first met Narwhal when I was going through a bit of a life crisis. I mean, you try being an Octopus. You’re always being compared to someone. Ursula’s going around swiping mermaid voices, Squidward is being driven crazy by a sponge, the Kraken is an all-time hall of famer and I don’t even know what to say about Henry. He gets to dance life away with a dinosaur for crying out loud.”

“Narwhal didn’t have that same pressure, not anymore. 20,000 Leagues might have been all the rage but it’s not Twilight. Still, she helped me realise that I’m just fine the way I am. In fact, I’m even better with a Narwhal on my head.”

Since meeting Narwhal, the Octopus had discovered the joy of friendship. In fact, Narwhal made him feel confident enough to take on the world. He even imagined himself sometimes taking to the stage in a Big Red Car.

And that… well that was a good enough feeling to overlook Narwhal’s unusual desire to dress up together as some kind of oceanic ice cream cone for every fancy dress party they went to.