Popcorn Chicken Enamel Pin

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Poppy can usually be found living it up in the comments section of any heated Facebook debate, kicking back with some popcorn and hanging with Michael Jackson and Eddard Stark.

“I love trying to guess how many comments it takes to completely change the topic of any argument on a post. Usually it’s about 5 more after Michael shows up in the cinema.”

When he’s not enjoying pointless debates, he’s explaining that “Poppy the Chicken” is self-explanatory (yes… you read that right). It’s a Chicken eating Popcorn.

“I just don’t understand the looks I get sometimes when I head out with my red and white striped bucket and introduce myself as Poppy the Chicken.” Poppy tells us.

“It’s popcorn with some salt. It goes great with Keyboard Warriors, but I’ve never put eleven secret herbs and spices in it, so I don’t know why everyone asks me about them.”

One of life’s little mysteries I guess Poppy.