When Pigs Fly - Sparkle Pig Enamel Pin

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Did you know how powerful pigs were?

I mean, there’s a LOT of stuff happening on the day they start flying around the place.

If you’ve ever debated homework with your child or tried to remove a younger sibling from your room without them suddenly becoming so fragile that you might have broken ALL of their bones and caused them to scream “MOM” at the top of their lungs then you’re probably familiar with the concept.

“My child will happily sit and do all of their homework without me even asking… when pigs fly.”

“My little brother stays out of my room and never goes snooping through my stuff… when pigs fly.”


The When Pigs Fly pin gives you access to remarkable odds every day of your life.

You’re getting a promotion at work when pigs fly?! Great!

Flash this pin and move into the corner office!

Husband will take the mother-in-law shopping when pigs fly?! Sounds like he’s booked for tomorrow!

Get your When Pigs Fly pin and change the odds now!

Dad will let you drive the Mustang when pigs fly? Get those driving gloves on!!!

* PS – Effectiveness of this pin might be slightly overstated. I mean, it might work… when pigs fly!
* PSS – You can’t flash the When Pigs Fly pin to activate the power of the When Pigs Fly pin.